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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tunzi Family

Isobell Tunzi (nee Johnson): The Alfred Years

Isobell Tunzi, known always as Isobell Johnson during her nursing years, wrote: As long as I could remember I had wanted to be a nurse and the family cats and dogs were continually being bandaged and forced into being patients. I was most professional with one of Dad’s handkerchiefs tied around my head with a

Bill Tunzi served in Middle East, Borneo

William James Tunzi was born on November 23, 1916, to George Richard Tunzi (born 1883) and Winifred Ann Gleeson (died 1965). Bill Tunzi was born in Bendigo (Vic.). His siblings were: • Phillip Lorenzo Tunzi (1905-1905); • George Richard Tunzi (1906-1959), who married Ivy Mavis Bourke (1913-1989); • Agnes Mary Tunzi (born 1908), who married George Alexander McIlwain; • Joseph Martin Tunzi