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Thursday, April 18, 2024

On This Day

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January 8 (1973). Althea Clara Long, nee Clay (my paternal Grandmother) dies.

January 22 (1980). Kristi Fleur Bryant, nee Long (our Daughter) born.

January 24 (1893). Allan Leslie Long (my paternal Grandfather) born at Maryborough.

January 29 (1867). Sarah Anne Long, nee Hill (my Great-Great-Grandmother, wife of Arthur Henry Long) born.

February 3 (1957). Fleur Marian Long, nee Tunzi (my Wife) born.

February 3 (1978). Our wedding. Marriage of Ash Long and Fleur Long, nee Tunzi, at St John’s Anglican Church, Epping.

February 7 (1988). Patrick Joseph Gregory Long (my Nephew) born.

February 13 (1980). Laura Helen Musial (my Niece) born.

February 23 (1990). Alison May Perris, nee Meikle (my Niece) born.

February 24 (1920). Ernest William Fleming (my paternal Uncle) born.

February 24 (1945). James Wilcock Long and Marjory Norah Long, nee Lawrence (my parents) marry at Croxton.

February 25 (1892). Arthur Henry Long and Sarah Anne Hill (my paternal Great-Great-Grandparents) marry.

February 25 (1924). Marjory Norah Long, nee Lawrence (my Mother) born, at Thornbury.

March 1 (1890). Joseph Lawrence (my maternal Great-Grandfather) marries Sarah Jane Fletcher. At St Phillip’s Church, Parish of Camberwell, London.

March 3 (1916). James Long (my Great-Great-Grandfather) dies at Portland at age 85.

March 6 (1992). Kieran Michael Bede Long (my Nephew) born.

March 12 (1949). Denise Margaret Meikle, nee Long (my Sister) born.

March 23 (1986). Timothy Francis Xavier Long (my Nephew) born.

March 27 (1955). John William Fleming (my Cousin) born.
April 2 (1916). Albert John ‘Jack’ Lawrence (my Uncle) born.

April 5 (1920). Allan Long and Althea Clay (my paternal Grandparents) marry at Auburn Methodist Church, Melbourne.

April 9 (1856). James Long and Olivia Lucas (my paternal Great-Great-Grandparents) married at Latrobe Terrace, Geelong.

April 16 (1869). Joseph Lawrence (my maternal Great-Grandfather) born. At 12 Northampton Terrace, St James Rd, Bermondsey, near London.

April 23 (1863) Olivia Lucas (my paternal Great-Great-Grandmother) dies in childbirth, aged 24.

May 17 (1885). William George Lawrence (my maternal Great-Great-Grandfather) dies. At 48 Barkworth Road, Rotherhithe, New Road, Bermondsey, UK.

May 23 (1952). Noel Ernest Fleming (my Cousin) born.

June 8 (1921). James Wilcock Long (my father) born at Numurkah.

June 16 (1868). Arthur Henry Long (my paternal Great-Grandfather) born at Ballarat.

June 27 (1972). Adam Alfred Long, formerly Musial (my nephew) born.

July 4 (1889). Althea Clara Clay (my paternal Grandmother) born at Gorae, near Portland, Victoria.

July 6 (1922). Sarah Anne Long, nee Hill (my Great-Great Grandmother, wife of Arthur Henry Long) dies.

July 15 (1954). Joseph Lawrence (my maternal Great-Grandfather) dies.

July 16 (1983). Daniel Gerard James Long (my Nephew) born.

July 24 (1982). James William Tunzi Long (our Son) born.

August 7 (1975). Allan Leslie Long (my paternal Grandfather) dies.

September 7 (1842). Mary Jane Wilcock (my paternal Great-Great-Grandmother, second wife of James Long) born at Water Looee, Elland, Yorkshire, England.

September 11 (1935). Arthur Henry Long (my paternal Great-Grandfather) dies. He is buried at Coburg Cemetery.

September 14 (1969). First issue of the Sunday Observer newspaper.

September 20 (1892). Albert Fletcher Lawrence (my maternal Grandfather) born. Bermondsey, UK.

September 27 (1952). Gregory James Long (my Brother) born.

October 8 (1863). James Long and Mary Jane Wilcock (my paternal Great-Great-Grandparents, second marriage for James Long) marry at Plank Road, Ballarat.

October 13 (1925). Violet Althea Fleming, nee Long (my paternal Aunt) born at Eaglemont.

October 19 (1956). My birthday (Ash Long). Born at Ivanhoe, Victoria.
November 28 (2005). Albert John ‘ Jack’ Lawrence (my uncle) died.

November 27 (1851). James Long (my paternal Great-Great Grandfather) arrives in Adelaide, Australia, from Ireland, aboard the Hydaspes.

November 27 (1974). Kathryn Denise Jubb, nee Musial (my Niece) born.

December 9 (1989). Caitlin Anne Majella Long (my Niece) born.

December 29 (1838). Olivia Lucas (my paternal Great-Great Grandmotheer, first wife of James Long) born in Launceston, Tasmania.

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