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Thursday, April 18, 2024


The Long family has been involved with a number of businesses in Australia since its arrival in 1851.

Today, Ash Long heads a business group that publishes newspapers including the Melbourne Observer (established 1969) and The Local Paper.
An award-winning journalist, Ash’s media career stretches almost 50 years, with work in newspapers, radio, TV and internet.

One special business was an 18-month project after the Black Saturday fires which claimed 173 lives in February 2009.
The Phoenix newspaper was established to give a helping hand in the bushfire recovery area of Victoria.
More  than $1.3 million of free advertising was given by the Long family to bushfire area businesses to help them back onto their feet.

Ash’s paternal line – the Longs – had a number of successful businesses in confectionery and baking.
Ash’s maternal line – the Lawrences – were successfully involved for many decades in a Thornbury tannery, Lawrence Leathers.

Today, a number of family members are involved in fields including the military, education, the law, accounting, farming, retail, information technology,  health and emergency services.

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