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Friday, October 30, 2020

Long family’s 169-year history in Australia

2020 will mark the 169th anniversary of James Long (pictured) arriving in Australia from Ireland, aboard the Hydaspes on November 27, 1851 . This website, still in its early stages, continues to expand with items of historical note, as well as news of current-day family members. Latest addition to the website is Nothing Without Labour, first published

Long Family

James Long – Family Tree

CLICK HERE for James Long – Family Tree. 60-page PDF document James Long – Family Tree Prior to his untimely death in 1995, my uncle Alan C. Long compiled a family tree that detailed the generations that followed James Long, born in Ireland in 1830, and who settled in Australia in 1851. Where possible, this project lists


On This Day

Work-in-progress. New listings being continually added. January 8 (1973). Althea Clara Long, nee Clay (my paternal Grandmother) dies. January 22 (1980). Kristi Fleur Bryant, nee Long (our Daughter) born. January 24 (1893). Allan Leslie Long (my paternal Grandfather) born at Maryborough. January 29 (1867). Sarah Anne Long, nee Hill (my Great-Great-Grandmother, wife of Arthur Henry Long)

Long Family: Allan Long

Fined for riding bike on footpath

My paternal grandfather Allan Leslie Long was born at Maryborough on January 24, 1893. His parents were Arthur Henry Long and Sarah Anne Long (nee Hill). Allan was largely in the care of his grandfather James Long at ‘Longwood’, Glen Park, Ballarat. When James returned to Portland in 1904, Allan, then 11, moved there. James

Long Family: Althea Long

Mystery regarding heritage

My paternal grandmother was Althea Clara Long (nee Clay). She was fifth of the 11 children of Charles and Ellen Norah Clay (nee Martyn), of Gorae, near Portland, in south-western Victoria. Ellen had been born at Cape Bridgewater, near Portland, in 1864. It is confidently believed that at least three of the 11 children –


Althea Long’s Tomato Relish recipe

My paternal grandmother, Althea Long (nee Clay), was a fine cook. She had this recipe for Tomato Relish: 4lbs ripe tomatoes 1lb onions – slice finely 1 tablespoon – curry powder 1 tablespoon – mustard 1 tablespoon – salt 1lb sugar Vinegar Scald tomatoes and skin Then cut up and leave overnight in a china

Long Family

James Long – Family Tree Index

James Long – Family Tree Prior to his untimely death in 1995, my uncle Alan C. Long compiled a family tree that detailed the generations that followed James Long, born in Ireland in 1830, and who settled in Australia in 1851. Where possible, this project lists dates of birth, marriage(s) and death, of each person.


Good Guys and Godbotherers: The 3AK Story

I published Good Guys and Godbotherers in 2002, about the time of the 70th anniversary of Melbourne radio station 3AK. The project does not seek to trace the radio station’s history after it became SEN 1116 (Sport Entertainment Network). – Ash Long. November, 2017. 2002 Edition. Introduction. This is a 45,000-word E-book about the rich 70-year history

Tunzi Family

Isobell Tunzi (nee Johnson): The Alfred Years

Isobell Tunzi, known always as Isobell Johnson during her nursing years, wrote: As long as I could remember I had wanted to be a nurse and the family cats and dogs were continually being bandaged and forced into being patients. I was most professional with one of Dad’s handkerchiefs tied around my head with a

Long Family

2013: Queen’s Birthday Honours for James Long

Sgt James Long, 31, of Townsville was recognised with the Conspicuous Service Medal in the 2013 Queen’s Birthday Honours. The citation reads: “For meritorious achievement as a Section Commander and Platoon Sergeant Rehabilitation Platoon, 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.” More citation details: “Sergeant Long is an exceptional non-commissioned officer whose leadership and professionalism in managing


$1.3 million given to assist bushfire victims

When the disastrous Black Saturday bushfires hit on February 7, 2009, Ash Long and Local Media Pty Ltd were quick with their community service response. A free weekly newspaper was created where everything was free for locals affected by the disaster in which 173 lives were lost. Ash Long provided free weekly newspaper advertising for

Long Family: Althea Long

Clays came from Lincolnshire

My grandmother, Althea, was raised as one of 11 children in the Clay family of Gorae, near Portland. Her paternal grandfather was Charles Clay, born 1820 in Brixworth, Northamp-ton, England. He died at Portland, Victoria in 1908. Her paternal grandmother was Eliza Latimer, born 1829, died 1896. Charles, Eliza, and their eldest son George, sailed

Ash Long: Career

Ash Long: Career: Sunday Advertiser, 1985

Bruce Mansfield opened ‘Uncle Roy’s Nostalgia Boutique’ at Eaglemont in August 1985, at the height of his 3AW breakfast career with John Blackman. We were there to take photos for the short-lived Sunday Advertiser published by Arthur Preusker.

Long Family

The story behind our company motto

The Long family adopted a publishing motto after it took over The Yea Chronicle  business on Monday, April 2, 1984. “For the cause that lacks assistance, ‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do” The motto has appeared weekly in the Melbourne Observer newspaper, since the Long Family commenced ownership

Ash Long: Career

Victorian Media: roller coaster to hell and back

Victorian Media Corporation was an ill-conceived roller coaster ride to Hell-and-back in the 22 months between September 1983 and June 1985. Victorian Media started as a little-thought-out dream to replicate a community newspaper network across the state, as a carbon copy of the great Leader group of suburban newspapers in metropolitan Melbourne. But in less

Ash Long: Career

Leader Newspapers: 1983 Northcote staff

In the early 1980s, I was Regional Manager of Leader Associated Newspapers Pty Ltd. The Registered Office of Leader was 160 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn. The Northern Group – comprising eight newspapers – was based at 543-545 High St, Northcote. The Advertising Staff Contacts list from the time was: Regional Manager Ash Long Area Manager –

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Clay Family

The Gorae Story

My grandmother Althea Clara Long was part of the Clay Family which lived at Gorae, near Portland in country Victoria. In November 1981, Centenary Celebrations were held at the Gorae School, and a booklet was published. (Althea had attended the Bolwarra State School.) The late Annette Downes edited the publication, The Gorae Story: Children Dears,

Ash Long: Career

Nation Review: end days

Nation Review had more lives than the proverbial cat. Fringe publisher Geoff Gold took over the publication, converting it to a monthly A4 publication, with former GTV-9 publicist an ex-Sunday Observer editor Chris Forsyth at the helm. Mini-magnate Peter Isaacson tried to reincarnate ‘The Ferret’ with Michael Worner and Ian Finlayson as his publishers of The Review. Even

Career: Sunday Observer

‘Too bloody bad if anyone gets mangled’

A clear snapshot of the mindset of Observer publisher Maxwell Newton is given in the interview I conducted with him in 1975. I was aged 18. The interview was published in Farrago, the University of Melbourne on June 4, 1975. “Publisher of the “soar-away” Sunday Observer, Maxwell Newton now holds the position of director of

Career: Farrago

Exclusive interview with Ernie

As an ambitious 18-year-old journalist, I requested an interview with Australia’s top-rating TV star of the time, Ernie Sigley. It was 1975 and Sigley was besting the ratings with a twice-weekly variety program at GTV-9 Melbourne. Sigley was not granting any interviews at the time … except this one to me, organ-ised through the channel’s

Career: Farrago

Norman Gunston: multi-media personality

Australia had an unlikely TV star and Gold Logie winner in Norman Gunston in 1975. The Gunston character first appeared as a minor character to appear in a single sketch in the second series of the cult Australian TV comedy series The Aunty Jack Show in 1973. Cast member Garry McDonald portrayed Gunston as a

Career: Newton Comics

Ash Long: Career: Newton Comics. 1975-76

Publisher Maxwell Newton “thought that printing comic books would be an easy way to make money back in 1975”, says Daniel Best in his 2014 book, The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall of Newton Comics. Maxwell Newton was publishing the Sunday Observer newspaper in Melbourne, and desperately looking for work to occupy his presses for

Ash Long: Career

Flashback to the Sunbury Music Festival

In the early 1970s, the Australian pop music scene was lively, and one of the annual highlights was the Sunbury Pop Festival. Ahead of the 1972-73 festivals, in my part-time job with The Review/Nation Review newspapers, I had seen the Festival tickets being printed at Stockland Publishing in North Melbourne, where The Review was printed each

Ash Long: Career

Regal Press: dodgy days with Dern

In the late 1970s, the Victorian Legislative Assembly ordered a report on monies advanced fromthe Co-Operative Farmers and Graziers Direct Meat Supply Ltd to interests including the printing businesses of Dern Langlands and Maxwell Newton. Mr Alex Chernov, of Owen Dixon Chambers (later Victorian State Governor, 2011-15), tabled his report in September 1979. Chernov said

Lawrence Family

Marjory Lawrence’s childhood memories

Marjory Long wrote: “I remember starting school: Wales Street State School, Thornbury. I wore a pretty organdie bonnet hat tied under the chin. It was a few weeks before my fifth birthday and I was sent home on enrolment, and Mum had to return with me to explain the near-date of mybecoming school age! I remember using slate and slate pencils at

Long Family

Read about Jim Long’s War Years

Just prior to his untimely death in August 1987, Jim Long penned his memoirs of his overseas War service in the Middle East in World War II. The 33,700-word story sees an Australian working-class shoe store worker from Bendigo, volunteer for overseas military service. We hope to add photos to this work. CLICK HERE: http://long.com.au/wordpress/?page_id=302

Tunzi Family

Bill Tunzi served in Middle East, Borneo

William James Tunzi was born on November 23, 1916, to George Richard Tunzi (born 1883) and Winifred Ann Gleeson (died 1965). Bill Tunzi was born in Bendigo (Vic.). His siblings were: • Phillip Lorenzo Tunzi (1905-1905); • George Richard Tunzi (1906-1959), who married Ivy Mavis Bourke (1913-1989); • Agnes Mary Tunzi (born 1908), who married George Alexander McIlwain; • Joseph Martin Tunzi

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Lawrence Family

Albert John ‘Jack’ Lawrence: 1916-2005

My uncle, Albert John ‘Jack’ Lawrence, was born on April 2, 1916. He died on November 28, 2005. The Order of Service at the celebration of his life, held on Thursday, December 1, 2005, at Le Pine Chapel, Ivanhoe, included this tribute: Jack was born on April 2, 1916, to Albert Fletcher (Bert) and Honora

Lawrence Family

Albert Lawrence: 1892-1968

My maternal grandfather was Albert Fletcher Lawrence. Aunt Joy Wood penned these notes in 1995: My Dad was born on September 20, 1892, at 5 Willow Walk, Bermondsey. He was the second son of Joseph and Sarah Jane (nee Fletcher) Lawrence. Bermondsey was in the registration district of St Olave, Southwark, in the sub-district of Saint

Lawrence Family

Joseph Lawrence: 1869-1954

Joseph (Joe) Lawrence was the father of my maternal grandfather, Albert (Bert) Fletcher Lawrence. My late aunt, Joy Wood, penned this story in 1992, about Joseph Lawrence: Joseph (Joe) was my Grandfather. My memories of him are of a well-built man, semi-bald, but with pale gold-coloured hair and moustache. He was very much the gentleman, always

Long Family

Wilcock Family History

My father Jim Long’s middle name ‘Wilcock’ came from the maiden name of his paternal great grandmother, Mary Jane Wilcock. Mary Jane was second wife of James Long (1830-1916). In December 1986, Christine Pullman (nee Wilcock) penned notes of the early Wilcock family history. James Wilcock is described on his death certificate as a miner, but in

Long Family

Lucas Family History

Generations that follow James Long (1830-1916) can claim a connection with Australia’s First Fleet (1788). James Long married Olivia Lucas, who was the grand-daughter of First Fleeters Nathaniel Lucas and Olivia Cascoigne. (Note that our family’s direct generational line comes from James Long and his second wife, Mary Jane Wilcock.) Nathaniel Lucas was born in

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